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What Is Conquer?

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Conquer Entertainment is a platform in which artists and musicians can sell their music and capitalize on their brand through Lifestyle Marketing because of our unique relationship with Shop.com.

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“What exactly does Conquer Entertainment do? We provide a platform, both in the digital and real world, for artists to develop, refine, and grow their brand while also developing and growing their audience."


Conquer Entertainment!

Conquer is a boutique music entertainment & lifestyle marketing company that assists in growing elite artist’s brands and activates their already existing fan base to a higher level of engagement. Based on this engagement Conquer provides the artist with the opportunity for a unique revenue source structured around Lifestyle Merchandising.

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Conquer Entertainment is the music fan’s gateway into what’s next in music and lifestyle. We foster a direct link between up-and-coming, independent artists and savvy listeners with an ear out for great, new music. Fans can create their own page to connect with artists, buy music, get merchandise and product recommendations, and best of all, get paid by referring others to do the same.

How Does Conquer Entertainment Work?
Conquer gives artists everything they need to bypass the traditional label model. Our partnership with Market America and SHOP.COM puts millions of products and the ability to earn commissions off of their sales at their fingertips. Shopping based off artist recommendations affords them the ability to create music on their own terms — music created with direct feedback from their fans.

How Can Conquer Entertainment Help?
Conquer Entertainment will allow fans to not only discover new, independent artists in their favorite genres, but also to earn money based on referrals to the site. Register as a Preferred Customer, refer friends to join, and get paid a percentage of their music and product purchases — forever!

Building A New Audience
Conquer Entertainment’s partnership with Market America and SHOP.COM opens up a whole new avenue for music distribution. Combining the influence of fans, Market America’s sales force of 180,000 UnFranchise® Owners and a powerful online platform, promoting music is in the hands of those who care about it most — the artists and listeners themselves!

Conquer Entertainment!

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